SEO Basics For Small Business

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that is targeted to gain online visibility in non-paid search engine results. It combines the very technical as well as the creative factors that helps in the improvement of rankings, generation of traffic and the increasing of the popularity of your sites in search engines. There are a number of facets to be discussed when it comes to SEO from the contents and the words you use to build up the structure of your sites as well as the links and other articles that connects your site to another. In a way or another, SEO is a manner of making sure that your website will be built in a way that search engines like Google would comprehend. However, SEO is not solely about building sites that are SEO-friendly. There’s more to it than that. Of course, the betterment of your site should always be for the people, visitors and potential customers.

Why does a business need SEO?

Most of the traffic, the online searchers, visitors and shoppers rely majorly on prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Although some social networking sites and other avenues could make your site visible online, search engines are the methods for searching a service or a product for most users of the web. This is true not only to sites that centers to social networking but also to sites that sells products, services, information and the likes.

Moreover, search engines are very distinct from other facets of online marketing because it provides targeted results that is, people who are really seeking for the services and products that your company has to offer. Search engines are the highway to make these things happen. If your site is invisible to the eyes of search engines, the aesthetic beauty of your site will be wasted since there is no online traffic that is directly generated towards your website.

For instance, when people search for queries on the web, the first page with top ranked sites are most likely the things that a searcher, buyer or visitor would click to check. Thus, the traffic that search engines provide can either spell out the success or the failure of a company. Targeted traffic towards your company’s site does not only provide you with visitors and prospective clients but tangible revenue and profit as well. Hence, investing in SEO can offer a bigger amount of returns in contrast to other online marketing and promotion.

Why can’t search engines find my site without SEO?

Although search engines are smart, they are still bound for vulnerabilities. Major search engines work double time to crawl and check the web in order to provide better return and retrieval of information for its users. But, there is a limitation. Provided with the right SEO, you can generate thousands of visitors into your site. However, when it is poorly done, then your site will be buried in the deepest parts of the web where you and your site becomes invisible to users.

SEO does not only let search engines find your site but it also provide a mechanism to boost your ranking in search results on search engines. Through this, when top ranked, your targeted customers can easily locate your site. The internet has become a place of survival of the fittest so in order to cope up, you and your company should be backed up by SEO to ensure a bigger sum or returns.

Can I do SEO on my own instead of hiring professionals?

Although the basics of SEO are highly comprehensible, it’s dangerous to do SEO all by yourself. Remember, even the slightest information could give adverse effects. This is precisely the reason why it is suggested to hire individuals who have vast knowledge of the topic. Through this, you do not only ensure the visibility of your company, its content and its traffic, but you actually save the life of your business from crumbling down.

DRE Marketing Company LogoThe face of business and trade has entirely changed nowadays. Traditional marketing is good but since the market has become competent, you and your company should have armors not only to fit in but to fight. Online business and e-commerce are two of the highest paid form of business. However, with the lack of knowledge, patience and skill, your company is at stake. So when are you going to apply SEO for your company?

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Getting Started With SEO

At this point in time where the advent of science and technology has been very rampant in the society, new marketing strategies and techniques have sprouted everywhere and the internet is not an exception. Most businesses are being done online nowadays and electronic commerce has been one of the most efficient and fast forms of exchange. One very important thing to consider in this technology-based world is taking advantage and to learn SEO.

Even if you are still initializing your business on the internet, you have probably a knowledge or two about search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, SEO is one of the trend marketing strategies that have been patronized mostly by commercial websites. The logic behind SEO is simple, it helps your company’s websites to reach the results of search engines and be top-ranked. This will be elaborated in the few following paragraphs and this article will help you get started with SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Basically, Search Engine Optimization is a procedure in which the contents everything that you post, store and integrate in your websites are being organized in such a way that search engines such as Google and Bing could comprehend and understand and be ranked. There are tons of factors that could necessarily affect a site’s being search engine-friendly. The most common factor that you should mostly bank on is the contents of your sites, its title and the metakeywords and description that your site has to offer. Apparently, these are not the only facets that affects the over-all optimization of your site but these are the most important ones.

How Does it Work?

Fundamentally, there are two different types of search engines. Those SEs that are crawler-based and human-based. The former uses automated softwares called spiders that necessarily ‘crawl’ surfaces of the internet in order to collect information and data coming from almost all sites in the web. Once information are retrieved, these spiders are going to index these and organize it systematically in content, use among others. The latter on the other hand requires a live human to actually proofread, review and score websites then store it to a database.

Now that you have knowledge on how search engines actually retrieve data from the web and all other sites, the most fundamental question you have to ask is to how these engines rank the sites. Basically, every search engine is unique. Thus, there are distinct ways on how these engines actually rank websites. However, the most basic form of ranking these engines do is algorithms. Algorithms are mathematical expressions that necessarily ‘reads’ and ‘understands’ the content of a site. In order for these engines to score the different websites, there are a lot of factors needed to be considered.

First, your company will gain higher points if your contents have the necessary keywords to begin with. When these can be read by engines, automatically they score you. Second is when your site is famous and people actually visit it. This is helpful especially when talking about the visibility of your site to the engines. Lastly, your site must be credible. In order to gain credibility, you must let the visitors of your sites continuously rank and criticize your sites to be able for other users to actually like and trust your website and your company.

The single most important thing to consider when starting business online is not solely on the search engines capability to actually see your site and make it visible to others, but also on the kind of services and products you provide for your clients. SEO is a great helping tool but in order for it to help you, you must establish a business that is credible, trustworthy and service-oriented.

Learn SEO

To learn SEO is something which anybody could have a chance to achieve. Moreover, most of it can be learned through self-study so long as you have the knowledge of where to start. Being able to attain the right tools and information, you can speedily become knowledgeable about the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. As soon as you have the core knowledge, then you could explore your way to the challenging yet fun world of SEO.

how seo worksUnlike those individuals who initially learned SEO in the past years, learning was done in the hard way. New generations of today has its advantage we are living in a technological world hence, people of today do not find it hard to learn technical and specialized skills like SEO.

In order to fully appreciate the value and the beauty of SEO, you have to understand first how search engines work. The following are starter packs of the basic information essential in learning and practicing SEO:

How Searching Works

When a certain individual searches for queries and information on the web, they turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These individuals type their problems be it information, products or services on the search box and then gain suggestion coming from search engines. The results delivered by these SEs are already ranked from most relevant and the most helpful site that could answer that somebody’s query.

How SEs Rank Sites

There are many ways for these engines to actually rank a site. They score sites through the trustworthiness of the site, its content and its credibility. When scoring sites, engine consider the contents found in it, the other websites linked to it and fundamentally everything you put in it. In order for SEs to see your site, you have to be very visible by linking your sites to others, write very relevant articles and gain the trust of visitors to your sites. However, these are only a few factors that necessarily affect the over-all bearing of your site.

How SEO is Helpful

SEO is very essential when it comes to online trading and exchange. When people are trying to search for a particular service or product that your company offers, it is very essential that your site should be in the top rank so that visitors will see and eventually visit your site. This is important precisely because when you generate online visitors to your sites, you do not lead potential customers into your website but you actually convert them into sure buyers. This is how ranking is important the higher your rank, the higher the possibility that your site will be visible to online visitors.

Moreover, SEO is very targeted to people who really needs that service and product that your company essentially offers. Imagine when people search for a product and then the first site that a search engine will suggest is your site isn’t it amazing? Generating online traffic is not only important for your site’s visibility nor fame but it fundamentally generates tangible revenue, income, and returns as well.

In this fast pacing world, you have to be very adaptive with new trends in business and e-commerce. Without having the capability to cope up with the changes and alterations of the world, your business will remain where it is and will never get a chance to prosper and improve. You don’t want to let this happen in your company, right? This is why, learning SEO is very important. Learn SEO today.

What Is SEO And How It Works

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and there’s nothing magical about it, actually. You might have overheard tons of things about SEO and the processes it involves to work, but technically it’s a measurable and comprehensible procedure that is used to deliver signals to search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing, the pages that are worth showing.

In simpler contexts, search engines such as mentioned above use complex algorithms or mathematical processes to score or rank a particular website that every individual searches. Put the concept of algorithms in empty cases. One case gives your website a rank or score for the quality of the site, another gives you score for the number of sites linked into yours and the last one gives you scores with regards to the amount of trust your viewers actually gives you. The job of every website developer is to provide the necessary contents, marketing strategies and other related posts into these cans to compete with other websites, closely related to yours. The good thing is, there are a lot of facets you could improve your sites on (i.e. the quality of the site, its contents and most importantly, the number of viewers you can generate) to be ranked by search engines in a higher position.

Three Important Strands

Three important “cans” that you can work into the most are quality, trust and authority. Quality refers to the measurable quantities of your sites in terms of the distinctness and the value of your site to searchers and viewers. One avenue you can improve on when talking about the quality of your site is your content. For instance, if you are selling a particular brand of clothing, your content could be better if you would post interesting and eye-catching blogs about fashion and styling. Since Google and other search engines can not quantify the quality of your products in terms of the product itself, it will rely on the kind of marketing strategy you are trying to live on. Such strategy includes customization of dresses, online payment of your products and services among others. Through this, search engines would know that many people are actually sharing and talking about your site, hence they will know what to score you.

Google Needs Trust Your WebsiteAnother important avenue to work on is trust. Search engines only show the best possible websites that searchers want to see. Thus, it will never show a website that isn’t trustworthy. If your site constantly gains poor reviews, Google won’t display your website especially on the first page of search pages. In order to gain trust, you have to improve your site by posting noteworthy blogs, news articles, links and gain more followers, viewers and visitors.

Finally, authority is another worthy facet you should bank on. Google is certain to only rank websites that are popular. If your site is one of those sites that people highly talk about, then authority wouldn’t be a problem at all. Using the same example mentioned above, if your clothing line is one of the best of its kind, this will send search engines the signal that your site is worth the higher rank. Thus, build a community of people to talk about your site, not only talk about but speak highly of your contents, products and services and the over-all bearing of your site so that you could prove yourself to search engines that you are simply the best.

Impressing search engines is only a factor that necessarily affects the survival of your site. What you have to fundamentally bank on is for people to actually patronize and talk about you and the products and services to offer. With this, all three strands will follow immediately. Remember, a happy customer is a manifestation of a good business.

Introduction To SEO

Whenever you search on the internet anything that would cater the need to answer your curiosity, search engines would show you tons and tons of websites that you could click and visit to in order for your to have an option on what site you like to visit the most. Most probably, after witnessing the very long list of different websites, you tend to choose the very first on the list thinking that it is the most sought after website, containing the very information that you want to gain when searching. If ever you are wondering how these sites are ranked and how the chronological order of these sites are being done, then you must have heard of the marketing strategy called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This article is an introduction to SEO.

SEO is a strategy which aids search engine to rank and score different websites including yours, as higher or lower in contrast to the million websites present on the web in answer to a searched query. SEO is in a way a tool for you to generate online traffic (viewers, visitors and potential customers) into your site. The following are information with regards to how SEO works and how it could help you.

Mechanism of Search Engines

The very basic information you need to be knowledgeable of when taking advantage of search engines is that SEs like Google and Bing are not humans. That is, SEs are actually text-based. Meaning, search engines do not necessarily have the feeling of being contented, appreciative and beauty in contrast to humans. What may be a good website for you doesn’t mean it’s good in SEs eyes. However, SE works in a closely related manner, by digging the web searching for site items (texts). Meaning, SEs like Google sees websites’ contents, coding and other related processes rather than the aesthetic value of a site. Initially, search engines in some way or another crawl to the web. This particular job is done by a particular software called a crawler or a spider. The mechanism of crawlers or spiders is simple, they follow links from one site to another to index everything they comprehend on the way. Because of the millions of websites found in the internet, it may be that crawlers may not stand a chance to visit your site for a month.

However, the best thing to do in order for these crawlers to see your site to run a Spider Simulator in order to know if the spiders see your sites. If they will not be spidered, then it will not be indexed and eventually, it wouldn’t be ranked. Thus, your sites become invisible to the eyes of SEs.

After the spider crawled the web, next thing that SEs do is to index everything that the spider have ‘collected’. Meaning, those contents that is recorded by the spider is being recorded in a huge database wherein it can easily be retrieved later. Fundamentally, indexing is the process of word identification and the likes to best recognize keywords. More often than not, SEs do not easily recognize works hence, it is best to help them out by optimizing the contents of your sites in order to attain higher rankings.

metatag codeLastly, when SEs successfully index information about all the sites collected, it is then processed.
This term is used to refer for the calculation of relevancy in each of the collected page of a site. Remember, there are various criteria for this particular calculation. Different scores are given to different avenues such as keyword density, metatags and density.

Lastly, retrieving results is the next activity that an SE would do. Meaning, this is the very page that we see in the first page of Google when searching about something all sites are ranked and being checked all for your convenience. This is an endless list of results and the most relevant appears first.

Now that you already have basic knowledge of SEO, it is time for you to use it in your site’s advantage. The internet is a very vast place and you need to build a name in order to become prominent in your craft. It will not be easy, but surely, with the proper patience and brain, success will soon follow.